A terrible curse struck Captain Bone and his crew!

Help him to find a way to free himself and get rid of the evil sorcerer, who caused it, in this fun and easygoing adventure set in the Caribbean of the pirate era.

"Captain Bone" is a third-person action/adventure that will put you in the shoes (and bones) of our unlucky captain.

Explore the sunny island of Nassau searching its secrets and interacting with its weird inhabitants!

Inspired by the unforgettable "Monkey Island", "Captain Bone" makes his point of strength the humor and 'non sense'

All the action is accompanied by the original music and enriched by presents of some special guests. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Bone crew immediately!

Orange Team is a group of enthusiastic gamers who wanted put into play in the first person, to achieve with their own hands of videogames instead of playing them only. Currently the team is engaged in the development of action adventure in third person Captain Bone the game, which is our main title, but we also have another that's in store!

Stay Tuned!

Davide Prestino
Team Leader - Graphic Designer 2d/3d - Game Designer

Maurizio Pitzalis
C++ UE4 Coder - 3D Character Modeller

Francesca Noto
Story Writer - Quests Designer

Fabio Nicosia
Compositor - Sound Editor - Music Artist - Sound Track Editor

Loris Bosk
2D Artist - Character Designer - Enviorment Designer

Tullia Ciancio
2d Artist - Character Designer

Joe Foti
3D Artist - Animator


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